Can We Prevent War in Space?


An (article) was just published asking can we prevent War in Space?

Rather than reading the article what you should immediately be thinking is how ridiculous this statement is. Once you know Hetlau, know they are at war with us, and know they are enslaving us you know we are already at war with them in space. The problem is the EA aren't aware of it and have been losing badly they whole time they have been on Earth.

What is interesting is how EA are constantly using examples of how they as EA exist and applying those examples to use as criteria for the Search for ETI (SETI). Yet EA are not willing to think that ET would be at war with them and as such will not use that as a criterion to aid in the search for ETI (SETI).

Unfortunately for the EA this is the single biggest reason they cannot find ET. The unwillingness to accept a worst case scenario and evaluate that first and foremost has the EA being led around like a clueless pigeon being fed bread crumbs in a park, there simply is no chance they will figure out what is going on before disclosure.

People have even solved the problem and are providing the answers on daily basis ( but the EA are completely oblivious to what is taking place. Its another day and another ET precognition without any EA recognition.