Does POPE mean People Scope in Alien?


As we have seen with other examples of precognition the Hetlau leave clues on Earth as to their presence here among the EA the whole time mankind has been present. These clues can reveal the hidden secrets as to what is really transpiring on Earth.

Is it possible using wormation that we can see a key hidden secret behind the mysterious power of Religion? Could the word POPE actually mean People scOPE? If you think of the word scope as an analogy to a radar scope or the ability to see outward as to what is going on then the word POPE could be a porpheme of People and scOPE. 

More loosely translated the ability of the Pope to see there are People i.e. Humanoid Extra Terrestrials Living Among Us (Hetlau) present on Earth. It may seem difficult to believe right now but if you can project outward to a day in the future when Hetlau are revealed with ETA disclosure then looking back at which key individuals would have known about this? 

Doesn't it seem a little too coincidental the Pope who would have been one of those key individuals also has a title that when translated in Alien reveals he would have known the whole time? Looking for these clues now is what will provide you with an understanding of what is happening during disclosure rather than being caught off guard and unprepared for the future.

Ascension Thursday


Today is an important day for both the Religious communities as well as the ET & UFO communities. Unfortunately, very few people have made the connection. Of the few that have made the connection even fewer are able to use the correct terminology to describe what is really going on. 

The picture above is a classic portrayal of the 2000-year-old mindset that still dominates modern society. In the Bible, Acts 1:9 you will get a version of something similar to this

"And when he had said these things, as they were looking on, he was lifted up, and a cloud took him out of their sight"

What very few people realize is that Cloud they are referring to is a Celestial Tach One Vehicle (CTV) and/or Volute. What they have failed to make a connection to is that Jesus is a Volute pilot. What modern day society needs to replace the picture above that prevails in their minds when they hear of Ascension Thursday is this picture or something similar to it.

tumblr_m9l6onZgP91rb8rxyo1_1280 (1).jpg

It seems corny but wait until you hear what corny nonsense the Hetlau are performing on Earth and you'll wish that just changing the images of these two pictures in your mind was all that was required.

What is one of the most intriguing questions is what are the billions of religious faithful going to think when they wake up one day and realize Jesus was a Volute pilot and walked around on Earth the whole time and didn't tell anyone. Now do you begin to see how his statement in John 18:36 of

"My kingdom is not of this world"

starts to take on a more realistic meaning as well as allowing you to see inside his supposed "Godly" mind which is really just a front for a Hetlau deceiving the EA?

The EA are in for a rude awakening and there is no discipline on Earth that is going to be immune from it. The more powerful and publicly recognized the discipline is the more nonsense that will be exposed from it when disclosure occurs.

Any guesses what Assumption day refers to?

Are Miracles Extra Terrestrial Magic Acts?

What is the secret to a Miracle?


At first glance, the possibility of understanding what the secret is behind a miracle seems unattainable. Religion has placed the abilities of God and those that are part of his system into a secret realm that is beyond the comprehension level of mere EA. What if using psychological sedation is just a ploy to make the EA think it is unattainable to understand what is really going on and that is why they don't try.

If you use wormation and study the word:

MIRACLE = MIRA CLE (porpheme)
MIRA = MIRAR (Spanish verb "to see")
CLE = CLEARLY (porpheme)


You can see how when breaking the word miracle down it says "to see clearly" in Alien. People on Earth are not familiar with the concept of using words from different languages when trying to get the meaning of the word. This really makes no sense because if you look at how languages form people add words of different languages into other languages when there is no word present in the language to use for a new concept.

Add to that once you understand what is going on you can see that all the languages on Earth were placed here to keep the EA from working in unison and making it more difficult to understand what is going on. Seeing through that allows you see the hidden meaning in words.
This also allows you to see through the psychological sedation and achieve the higher level understanding of what God is doing and how religion tries to keep it hidden from you.

Back to the word Miracle. Translated it says "to see clearly" can you then reason that when you can see clearly what is going on you can see that a Miracle is just an Extra Terrestrial magic act. For an EA a miracle is an act that defies all logic. What if the EA simply don't understand abilities that are everyday occurrences on other planets?

If Extra Terrestrials have higher level technologies similar to the possibility they have spacecraft that travel faster than Tach One they may have technologies in every realm of life that are far beyond our imagination and comprehension. If you were to travel to another planet you may see things like people being brought back from the dead, curing of physical illnesses, manipulating material states like water into wine, walking on water, or moving large volumes of water or land remotely.

In other words what may seem mind-boggling to an EA may just be another average day on another planet. If those beings were to come down to Earth and walk among us as Hetlau they would have what appear to be extraordinary powers here on Earth. Then if Hetlau acting as Religious figures of Authority tell the EA these are mystical powers of God don't try to understand them they can appear to operate beyond comprehension levels. Once you realize what they are doing it really is just ET magic acts and lying to us. Essentially they are nothing more than Oz in the Wizard of Oz waiting to be discovered.

It's interesting also because if you read the name Oz using wormation:

OZ =
O = 0 (symbolism)
Z = 2 (symbolism)
OZ = 02
02 = 20 (reversal)
20 = T (alphanumeric)
T = ET (ecronym)

Oz = ET

So you can see other Hetlau influence on Earth by how the name a character in the Wizard of Oz.

Back to miracles being ET magical acts if you understand polymorphism even Jesus's virgin birth becomes a non-event. What religious organizations have placed at a level of mysticism that is unattainable is actually easily explainable once you realize these abilities are just ET and they are telling us we can't understand them.

This is also a good opportunity to help train your mind how to grasp ET concepts. If you think of going to a magic show on Earth like a David Copperfield and having it take a few hours. Then think of an ET magic show on Earth taking a few thousand years and Earth being the auditorium or show location.

To show you how ridiculous it can get do you stop to think if David Copperfield might be a HET? Do the following items immediately come to mind to look for clues?

  1. Name recognition
  2. Public misdirection or subliminal dissemination
  3. Name translation
  4. Hand Gesture

Clearly he has name recognition and his magic shows are performing misdirection by keeping people from thinking about ET & UFOs.
When you read his name using wormation:
Copper = a material that has an very high electrical conductivity
Field = magnetic field

Essentially his last name is hinting at him having a higher level understanding of how to manipulate electromagnetics or gravitational force fields on Earth. Similar to how Extra Terrestrial Spacecraft are able to levitate without achieving lift. This is a perfect example of how they like to leave clues in their names and the words surrounding EvenTs that reveal they were secretly performing Extra Terrestrial magic acts using Extra Terrestrially conventional means. You could then draw the inference that God and Jesus are just David Copperfield with a religious overtone to further cloak their abilities from the EA.

Then lastly you want to look for the hand gesture.


Good Friday and Easter Sunday

Crucifixion & Resurrection

Jesus is probably the best example of someone to study on Earth as a candidate for an HET. Most religious people immediately want to assign a higher order reality to him and elevate him to Godly status and not try to understand what he is really doing on Earth.


Once you understand the possibility Hetlau, they can polymorph themselves, and disconnect their nerve endings so they don't feel pain suddenly a whole new world of possibilities is opened up. For instance, this would give Jesus the ability to be crucified and know he would be able to resurrect himself or be resurrected by his ET support group. He would also be able to undergo the scourging on the way to the crucifixion as well as the crucifixion itself and never feel any pain. 

So what appears to the EA as an unimaginable incomprehensible EvenT suddenly becomes no big deal once you understand ET abilities and apply it to things on Earth that don't seem possible. 

Religious leaders in order to keep people under psychological sedation attribute it to the powers of God and make it seem as though mere EA cannot understand stuff that is of "God". Once you understand that ET is at a higher order level than God and the whole God vs Satan stuff is just made up to control the EA everything starts to make more sense.

That doesn't mean that there aren't actual beings who are God and Satan it just means their roles as God and Satan aren't the only roles their existence is comprised of. Rather, they probably took on the roles of God and Satan as part of the plan to implement the ETA on Earth.

What is also interesting is if you look at the word crucifixion using wormation:


A crucible is a severe test or trial in which someone is tested beyond their limits. So the crucifixion would have been this supposed test for Jesus. As a HET though he would have had an unfair advantage in that he knew he would not really die and was not going to suffer any pain. Thus the fiction part. 

This is another example of both misdirection and subliminal dissemination. It gets the EA to focus on it instead of focusing on ET. Imagine how many man hours throughout history have been spent by people focusing on this event. It also leaves hidden clues about the abilities of ET. These are the repeating patterns you are looking for to provide the preponderance of evidence in the absence of corroboration.


The resurrection almost appears as a non-event once you see what might have happened at the crucifixion. It basically just shows their ability to morph themselves which is similar to polymorphing except maintaining the same image with the new body. What you have to wonder is did he fix his three-day-old dead body or just put himself in a new one and dispose of the old body. It makes you wonder how much bizarre stuff is really going on behind the scenes in order really make these events happen.

When you look at RESURRECTION using wormation:
RE is a prefix to repeat
ION is a suffix meaning a process

So whereas Resurrection says to rise up again in EA when translated in Alien it says the process of resurfacing the rectangle or loosely translated putting a new skin on the form. 

Again just more hidden clues about the abilities of ET. These are the repeating patterns you are looking for to provide the preponderance of evidence in the absence of corroboration.

Pope To World: Hell Does Exist

HELL = He'll = He Will


Does Hell exist (article)? You can wade into the debate by trying to read the article and try to solve the problem mankind has been fighting over for thousands of years. You can just sit back and try to discern the Pope's position by reading the article and let him decide for you as well.

You can also step back from the whole fray and realize what is HELL and why can't the EA figure out what the hell is going on? There are so many interpretations and mental images that have been created its difficult to even know what someone else is thinking when someone uses the term hell. There is even being who manages the place. 


The first problem is people don't stop and just read the word hell in Alien to get its correct meaning so they can then comprehend its reality and stop creating all these interpretations and imagery.

HELL is a grammatical contraction of He Will. As in God Will. The problem is when the HET
were putting it on the planet to keep the EA under psychological sedation they intentionally left the apostrophe out so the EA wouldn't be able to figure out what it meant. It's amazing what leaving out such a simple little thing will do to society over such a long period of time.

The problem is that God is supposed to know everything and do everything. When he selectively chooses to postpone doing something for an EA that needs to be done now as in the statement He Will do it later the condition of Hell is created. 

So in its most basic form, hell is a condition of temporal reality, or apparent temporal reality. Depending on each person reality it may be a location, an event, a thought, any one of numerous infinite possibilities. So it can be different for everyone. Since EA don't realize this they start to come up with their own definitions and meanings. 

To add fuel to the fire you have the Hetlau adding a bunch of other definitions and interpretations and the next thing you know it's Hell just trying to understand what Hell is, much less worrying about ending up there.

Before you make a final decision on whether or not Hell exists you might want to step back and see if you have evaluated the concept of religion as a whole with the possibility the HET many have played a role in implementing it on Earth. Then how would that affect what EA believe religion is and the role it plays down here. 

It may be Hell trying to figure out the answer to what that is but if Hell means He'll or He Will then what the hell does Heaven mean? Surely if He'll is not actually a location then Heaven may not be one either and if it has one of those hidden word meanings it may not be heaven as well.


Is Blind Faith Extra Terrestrial for Blank Mind Fail Math?

What does the term Blind Faith when used in a religious context really mean?


For most people who are religious, the term blind faith is a simple one. It is difficult enough to believe in the concepts being presented by religion and then to be challenged on them and have to explain them can be next to impossible as well as undesirable to have to do. So the term blind faith is a simple expression, an idiom that quickly allows them to justify their position without any explanation needed.

Basically, it means that even though they can't see what they believe in which normally would be required for such extreme statements their faith is so strong that perceivable vision is not necessary. People who do not have as strong a faith cannot attain blind faith.

The problem with bind faith presents itself when you realize Hetlau and that ESH have used religion as a tool to psychologically sedate the EA in order to accomplish their goals on the planet. Using wormation you can translate blind faith:


Translated in alien blind faith meaning blank mind fail math means that a person can not see what is really going on (ie. their mind is blank) and are unable to figure out what is really going on (ie. fail math). So when you realize the Hetlau are here on Earth, at war with the EA, and enslaving them it becomes understandable how they place terminology like blind faith on the planet in order to easily keep people believing in impossible concepts. At the same time it is a hidden clue when revealed that will show the repeating patterns that provide a preponderance of evidence in the absence of corroboration.

Essentially understanding that they are leaving these clues allows you to look for them now getting disclosure in advance if you are capable of what might be referred to as ET Braille. Using wormation you can see how Braille is:


In other words similar to how blind people use braille to read what is going on EA can use an ET version of it and read what is going on by critically thinking. You are elevating your mind and/or awareness level to that of ETI and enabling yourself to tell your brain in ET what is really going on.

Is Eternal Extra Terrestrial for Learn ET?

What does the word Eternal really mean? In a religious sense " lasting or existing forever; without end or beginning".


It's such an idyllic concept. Perfect for EA to succumb to since they suffer from Human Nature Fallacy Syndrome (HNFS). People love to either sit back and have a story that paints a beautiful picture of how life should be for them or simply ignore the story because they don't believe it's possible. Very few actually want to spend the time and are willing to think critically to figure out what is really going on. 

Religion is one of those disciplines where an enormous amount of information can be gleaned about what is really going on with life if you are willing to evaluate what you are being told from a technical perspective and not get drawn into the imaginary future it offers.

The problem for most is they need something to give them hope because the day to day reality of life on Earth can be quite depressing. That is the fork in the road most people take that prevent them from ever realizing what is really going on. The key is there is a reason for that depressing day to day reality.

In the Bible, God tries to put the blame on Satan and mankind. If you can elevate your mind to the level of Extra Terrestrial Intelligence (ETI) you can realize that is just a temporal explanation to keep the EA psychologically sedated so they won't try to figure out what is really going on. If you think about it who wants to figure out that HET have lived among us the whole time mankind has been on Earth, are at war with us, and are enslaving us. It takes a lot fewer brain cycles to believe an Eternal being is going to return on his cloud and just fix everything for you.

One of the things you will begin to see is a repeating pattern of analyzing religious words for contextual meaning that explains what is actually going on that involves using ETI instead of EA Intelligence or EAI.

An example is the word Eternal. Using wormation we can break the word down into a combination of enagram from eternal into learnet and porphemes that result in a translation of Learn ET. Looking at the EA interpretation of the word eternal gives a vague open-ended definition that plays right into HNFS. Looking at the HET interpretation of Learn ET provides a definition that has context.

If we were to create a hypothesis about what is going on we would say Humanoid Extra Terrestrials Living Among Us are deceiving us and are leaving hidden clues throughout the history of Earth as to the real meaning of life. Knowing this in advance we can look for those clues and use them to discern the real meaning instead of listening to the story being floated to those desperate to hear some good news.

Note how its referred to as the Good News for modern man. Also, pay attention that modern is a porpheme for mode learn or mode discern. So if you are to really be a modern man so to speak you need to be able to learn and/or discern what is really going on. You can't just assume you are a modern man by default because you exist in this timeframe where it is being used. You actually have to elevate your mental awareness to that level which they are conviently leaving out.

The concept of Learn ET can quickly be traced to the concept of polymorphing. It is one of the more difficult concepts for an EA to understand and usually will cause them to reject the possibility and just sit around and wait for "disclosure" if they are secular and believe in ET or "revelation" if they are religious and believe in an "eternal" being.

Once you see what is really going on you will realize they are both waiting for the same thing. That "eternal' being is really just an Extra Terrestrial being who has crafted an allegorious story, where allegorious means a story, poem, or picture that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning.

Realizing these Extra Terrestrial beings can polymorph themselves is the first step in trying to understand what eternal life is really all about, what Learn ET really means, and why the story we are being told on Earth from a religious perspective is not what is really going on or going to happen.

Why this Catholic astronomer is hoping we find extraterrestrial life


Extra Terrestrials and religion is a place that can yield great results in the Search for Extraterrestrials. It can also be a very unpleasant place when that search is being conducted by individuals who are using their preconceived notions that God is Good. This, unfortunately, is the Exact Tact taken in the article.

The problem is when searching for extraterrestrial life from a religious point of view there is a default assumption that is placed on it that it is going to have a "good" outcome. This is a flaw in EA logic that is derived from HET having lived among us on Earth the whole time and having lied to us. So as an EA growing up you are being lied to by society. Religion is part of society, society is not part of Religion.

Add to that the possibility religion is a tool used to psychologically sedate the EA so they won't try to figure out what is going on. As a Harvard Astrochemist, the intellectual side of Ms. Öberg's mind is not succumbing to that. The problem is her religious beliefs are preventing her from approaching the situation from a risk-averse energy state.

Essentially what needs to happen is there needs to be a militaristic worst case scenario as the prime concern. In other words, there is a chance Extraterrestrials are militaristic beings that would go to war against the EA and enslave them. God and Jesus included. 

Most people immediately freak out when they hear this. The reason is they have been raised to believe the Bible and Gods' word and to question it would essentially be grounds for condemnation into hell. So there is no way they are going to challenge it. This is where the psychological sedation takes over. These preconceived notions that are placed into EA minds from a religious viewpoint take control of their ability to perform critical thought evaluation.

The bottom line is you have to approach an Extra Terrestrial situation from a militaristic worst case scenario. If you're wrong it won't matter because nice extraterrstrial beings would understand your concerns. The reverse though simply is not true. If you go into the search with a everything is going to be wonderful and wake up to a rude awakening you are wrong there will be no recourse as you failed to enter the situation in a risk-averse energy state.