Why this Catholic astronomer is hoping we find extraterrestrial life


Extra Terrestrials and religion is a place that can yield great results in the Search for Extraterrestrials. It can also be a very unpleasant place when that search is being conducted by individuals who are using their preconceived notions that God is Good. This, unfortunately, is the Exact Tact taken in the article.

The problem is when searching for extraterrestrial life from a religious point of view there is a default assumption that is placed on it that it is going to have a "good" outcome. This is a flaw in EA logic that is derived from HET having lived among us on Earth the whole time and having lied to us. So as an EA growing up you are being lied to by society. Religion is part of society, society is not part of Religion.

Add to that the possibility religion is a tool used to psychologically sedate the EA so they won't try to figure out what is going on. As a Harvard Astrochemist, the intellectual side of Ms. Öberg's mind is not succumbing to that. The problem is her religious beliefs are preventing her from approaching the situation from a risk-averse energy state.

Essentially what needs to happen is there needs to be a militaristic worst case scenario as the prime concern. In other words, there is a chance Extraterrestrials are militaristic beings that would go to war against the EA and enslave them. God and Jesus included. 

Most people immediately freak out when they hear this. The reason is they have been raised to believe the Bible and Gods' word and to question it would essentially be grounds for condemnation into hell. So there is no way they are going to challenge it. This is where the psychological sedation takes over. These preconceived notions that are placed into EA minds from a religious viewpoint take control of their ability to perform critical thought evaluation.

The bottom line is you have to approach an Extra Terrestrial situation from a militaristic worst case scenario. If you're wrong it won't matter because nice extraterrstrial beings would understand your concerns. The reverse though simply is not true. If you go into the search with a everything is going to be wonderful and wake up to a rude awakening you are wrong there will be no recourse as you failed to enter the situation in a risk-averse energy state.