Is Eternal Extra Terrestrial for Learn ET?

What does the word Eternal really mean? In a religious sense " lasting or existing forever; without end or beginning".


It's such an idyllic concept. Perfect for EA to succumb to since they suffer from Human Nature Fallacy Syndrome (HNFS). People love to either sit back and have a story that paints a beautiful picture of how life should be for them or simply ignore the story because they don't believe it's possible. Very few actually want to spend the time and are willing to think critically to figure out what is really going on. 

Religion is one of those disciplines where an enormous amount of information can be gleaned about what is really going on with life if you are willing to evaluate what you are being told from a technical perspective and not get drawn into the imaginary future it offers.

The problem for most is they need something to give them hope because the day to day reality of life on Earth can be quite depressing. That is the fork in the road most people take that prevent them from ever realizing what is really going on. The key is there is a reason for that depressing day to day reality.

In the Bible, God tries to put the blame on Satan and mankind. If you can elevate your mind to the level of Extra Terrestrial Intelligence (ETI) you can realize that is just a temporal explanation to keep the EA psychologically sedated so they won't try to figure out what is really going on. If you think about it who wants to figure out that HET have lived among us the whole time mankind has been on Earth, are at war with us, and are enslaving us. It takes a lot fewer brain cycles to believe an Eternal being is going to return on his cloud and just fix everything for you.

One of the things you will begin to see is a repeating pattern of analyzing religious words for contextual meaning that explains what is actually going on that involves using ETI instead of EA Intelligence or EAI.

An example is the word Eternal. Using wormation we can break the word down into a combination of enagram from eternal into learnet and porphemes that result in a translation of Learn ET. Looking at the EA interpretation of the word eternal gives a vague open-ended definition that plays right into HNFS. Looking at the HET interpretation of Learn ET provides a definition that has context.

If we were to create a hypothesis about what is going on we would say Humanoid Extra Terrestrials Living Among Us are deceiving us and are leaving hidden clues throughout the history of Earth as to the real meaning of life. Knowing this in advance we can look for those clues and use them to discern the real meaning instead of listening to the story being floated to those desperate to hear some good news.

Note how its referred to as the Good News for modern man. Also, pay attention that modern is a porpheme for mode learn or mode discern. So if you are to really be a modern man so to speak you need to be able to learn and/or discern what is really going on. You can't just assume you are a modern man by default because you exist in this timeframe where it is being used. You actually have to elevate your mental awareness to that level which they are conviently leaving out.

The concept of Learn ET can quickly be traced to the concept of polymorphing. It is one of the more difficult concepts for an EA to understand and usually will cause them to reject the possibility and just sit around and wait for "disclosure" if they are secular and believe in ET or "revelation" if they are religious and believe in an "eternal" being.

Once you see what is really going on you will realize they are both waiting for the same thing. That "eternal' being is really just an Extra Terrestrial being who has crafted an allegorious story, where allegorious means a story, poem, or picture that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning.

Realizing these Extra Terrestrial beings can polymorph themselves is the first step in trying to understand what eternal life is really all about, what Learn ET really means, and why the story we are being told on Earth from a religious perspective is not what is really going on or going to happen.