Pope To World: Hell Does Exist

HELL = He'll = He Will


Does Hell exist (article)? You can wade into the debate by trying to read the article and try to solve the problem mankind has been fighting over for thousands of years. You can just sit back and try to discern the Pope's position by reading the article and let him decide for you as well.

You can also step back from the whole fray and realize what is HELL and why can't the EA figure out what the hell is going on? There are so many interpretations and mental images that have been created its difficult to even know what someone else is thinking when someone uses the term hell. There is even being who manages the place. 


The first problem is people don't stop and just read the word hell in Alien to get its correct meaning so they can then comprehend its reality and stop creating all these interpretations and imagery.

HELL is a grammatical contraction of He Will. As in God Will. The problem is when the HET
were putting it on the planet to keep the EA under psychological sedation they intentionally left the apostrophe out so the EA wouldn't be able to figure out what it meant. It's amazing what leaving out such a simple little thing will do to society over such a long period of time.

The problem is that God is supposed to know everything and do everything. When he selectively chooses to postpone doing something for an EA that needs to be done now as in the statement He Will do it later the condition of Hell is created. 

So in its most basic form, hell is a condition of temporal reality, or apparent temporal reality. Depending on each person reality it may be a location, an event, a thought, any one of numerous infinite possibilities. So it can be different for everyone. Since EA don't realize this they start to come up with their own definitions and meanings. 

To add fuel to the fire you have the Hetlau adding a bunch of other definitions and interpretations and the next thing you know it's Hell just trying to understand what Hell is, much less worrying about ending up there.

Before you make a final decision on whether or not Hell exists you might want to step back and see if you have evaluated the concept of religion as a whole with the possibility the HET many have played a role in implementing it on Earth. Then how would that affect what EA believe religion is and the role it plays down here. 

It may be Hell trying to figure out the answer to what that is but if Hell means He'll or He Will then what the hell does Heaven mean? Surely if He'll is not actually a location then Heaven may not be one either and if it has one of those hidden word meanings it may not be heaven as well.