Good Friday and Easter Sunday

Crucifixion & Resurrection

Jesus is probably the best example of someone to study on Earth as a candidate for an HET. Most religious people immediately want to assign a higher order reality to him and elevate him to Godly status and not try to understand what he is really doing on Earth.


Once you understand the possibility Hetlau, they can polymorph themselves, and disconnect their nerve endings so they don't feel pain suddenly a whole new world of possibilities is opened up. For instance, this would give Jesus the ability to be crucified and know he would be able to resurrect himself or be resurrected by his ET support group. He would also be able to undergo the scourging on the way to the crucifixion as well as the crucifixion itself and never feel any pain. 

So what appears to the EA as an unimaginable incomprehensible EvenT suddenly becomes no big deal once you understand ET abilities and apply it to things on Earth that don't seem possible. 

Religious leaders in order to keep people under psychological sedation attribute it to the powers of God and make it seem as though mere EA cannot understand stuff that is of "God". Once you understand that ET is at a higher order level than God and the whole God vs Satan stuff is just made up to control the EA everything starts to make more sense.

That doesn't mean that there aren't actual beings who are God and Satan it just means their roles as God and Satan aren't the only roles their existence is comprised of. Rather, they probably took on the roles of God and Satan as part of the plan to implement the ETA on Earth.

What is also interesting is if you look at the word crucifixion using wormation:


A crucible is a severe test or trial in which someone is tested beyond their limits. So the crucifixion would have been this supposed test for Jesus. As a HET though he would have had an unfair advantage in that he knew he would not really die and was not going to suffer any pain. Thus the fiction part. 

This is another example of both misdirection and subliminal dissemination. It gets the EA to focus on it instead of focusing on ET. Imagine how many man hours throughout history have been spent by people focusing on this event. It also leaves hidden clues about the abilities of ET. These are the repeating patterns you are looking for to provide the preponderance of evidence in the absence of corroboration.


The resurrection almost appears as a non-event once you see what might have happened at the crucifixion. It basically just shows their ability to morph themselves which is similar to polymorphing except maintaining the same image with the new body. What you have to wonder is did he fix his three-day-old dead body or just put himself in a new one and dispose of the old body. It makes you wonder how much bizarre stuff is really going on behind the scenes in order really make these events happen.

When you look at RESURRECTION using wormation:
RE is a prefix to repeat
ION is a suffix meaning a process

So whereas Resurrection says to rise up again in EA when translated in Alien it says the process of resurfacing the rectangle or loosely translated putting a new skin on the form. 

Again just more hidden clues about the abilities of ET. These are the repeating patterns you are looking for to provide the preponderance of evidence in the absence of corroboration.