Are Miracles Extra Terrestrial Magic Acts?

What is the secret to a Miracle?


At first glance, the possibility of understanding what the secret is behind a miracle seems unattainable. Religion has placed the abilities of God and those that are part of his system into a secret realm that is beyond the comprehension level of mere EA. What if using psychological sedation is just a ploy to make the EA think it is unattainable to understand what is really going on and that is why they don't try.

If you use wormation and study the word:

MIRACLE = MIRA CLE (porpheme)
MIRA = MIRAR (Spanish verb "to see")
CLE = CLEARLY (porpheme)


You can see how when breaking the word miracle down it says "to see clearly" in Alien. People on Earth are not familiar with the concept of using words from different languages when trying to get the meaning of the word. This really makes no sense because if you look at how languages form people add words of different languages into other languages when there is no word present in the language to use for a new concept.

Add to that once you understand what is going on you can see that all the languages on Earth were placed here to keep the EA from working in unison and making it more difficult to understand what is going on. Seeing through that allows you see the hidden meaning in words.
This also allows you to see through the psychological sedation and achieve the higher level understanding of what God is doing and how religion tries to keep it hidden from you.

Back to the word Miracle. Translated it says "to see clearly" can you then reason that when you can see clearly what is going on you can see that a Miracle is just an Extra Terrestrial magic act. For an EA a miracle is an act that defies all logic. What if the EA simply don't understand abilities that are everyday occurrences on other planets?

If Extra Terrestrials have higher level technologies similar to the possibility they have spacecraft that travel faster than Tach One they may have technologies in every realm of life that are far beyond our imagination and comprehension. If you were to travel to another planet you may see things like people being brought back from the dead, curing of physical illnesses, manipulating material states like water into wine, walking on water, or moving large volumes of water or land remotely.

In other words what may seem mind-boggling to an EA may just be another average day on another planet. If those beings were to come down to Earth and walk among us as Hetlau they would have what appear to be extraordinary powers here on Earth. Then if Hetlau acting as Religious figures of Authority tell the EA these are mystical powers of God don't try to understand them they can appear to operate beyond comprehension levels. Once you realize what they are doing it really is just ET magic acts and lying to us. Essentially they are nothing more than Oz in the Wizard of Oz waiting to be discovered.

It's interesting also because if you read the name Oz using wormation:

OZ =
O = 0 (symbolism)
Z = 2 (symbolism)
OZ = 02
02 = 20 (reversal)
20 = T (alphanumeric)
T = ET (ecronym)

Oz = ET

So you can see other Hetlau influence on Earth by how the name a character in the Wizard of Oz.

Back to miracles being ET magical acts if you understand polymorphism even Jesus's virgin birth becomes a non-event. What religious organizations have placed at a level of mysticism that is unattainable is actually easily explainable once you realize these abilities are just ET and they are telling us we can't understand them.

This is also a good opportunity to help train your mind how to grasp ET concepts. If you think of going to a magic show on Earth like a David Copperfield and having it take a few hours. Then think of an ET magic show on Earth taking a few thousand years and Earth being the auditorium or show location.

To show you how ridiculous it can get do you stop to think if David Copperfield might be a HET? Do the following items immediately come to mind to look for clues?

  1. Name recognition
  2. Public misdirection or subliminal dissemination
  3. Name translation
  4. Hand Gesture

Clearly he has name recognition and his magic shows are performing misdirection by keeping people from thinking about ET & UFOs.
When you read his name using wormation:
Copper = a material that has an very high electrical conductivity
Field = magnetic field

Essentially his last name is hinting at him having a higher level understanding of how to manipulate electromagnetics or gravitational force fields on Earth. Similar to how Extra Terrestrial Spacecraft are able to levitate without achieving lift. This is a perfect example of how they like to leave clues in their names and the words surrounding EvenTs that reveal they were secretly performing Extra Terrestrial magic acts using Extra Terrestrially conventional means. You could then draw the inference that God and Jesus are just David Copperfield with a religious overtone to further cloak their abilities from the EA.

Then lastly you want to look for the hand gesture.