Does POPE mean People Scope in Alien?


As we have seen with other examples of precognition the Hetlau leave clues on Earth as to their presence here among the EA the whole time mankind has been present. These clues can reveal the hidden secrets as to what is really transpiring on Earth.

Is it possible using wormation that we can see a key hidden secret behind the mysterious power of Religion? Could the word POPE actually mean People scOPE? If you think of the word scope as an analogy to a radar scope or the ability to see outward as to what is going on then the word POPE could be a porpheme of People and scOPE. 

More loosely translated the ability of the Pope to see there are People i.e. Humanoid Extra Terrestrials Living Among Us (Hetlau) present on Earth. It may seem difficult to believe right now but if you can project outward to a day in the future when Hetlau are revealed with ETA disclosure then looking back at which key individuals would have known about this? 

Doesn't it seem a little too coincidental the Pope who would have been one of those key individuals also has a title that when translated in Alien reveals he would have known the whole time? Looking for these clues now is what will provide you with an understanding of what is happening during disclosure rather than being caught off guard and unprepared for the future.