UAE F-16 Two Ship Intercepted by air defense missiles belong to Houthis

UAE F-16 Two Ship Intercepted by by air defense missiles belong to Houthis (article).

You can follow the article link above if you are interested in the actual story that took place. The key points to watch out for and how a story about an F-16 two ship standard operating procedure (SOP) has anything to do with ET UFO Disclosure is quite simple once you know what to look for.

EA pilots fight from a two ship standard operating procedure (SOP) that consists of a leader and a wingman.


If they need more force projection they switch to a four ship division that just scales out the two ship tactics. With four there is a leader section and a wing section each composed of a leader and wingman.


Extra Terrestrial Pilots operate in a three ship Intercept Energy Angles Tactical Vee formation.


If you pay close attention to whats going on you'll see the repeating patterns that reveal a preponderance of evidence with the lack of corroboration. It will become apparent the EA pilots operate using two ship conversion tactics while the ET pilots operate using three ship conversion tactics. Until the EA pilots start referring to themselves as Energy and Angles when operating in the two ship formation they will never initiate the process to understand ETI.


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