Two Israeli Air Force F-35 stealth fighters flew over Syrian and Iraqi airspace to reach Iran, report says.

When you look at the headline for this (article) are you just going to click on it and start reading? Are you going to get drawn into the misdirection like everyone else? If you have elevated your awareness level to that of ETI and been paying any attention to what Tactical Vee's are you would have stopped at the first word in the headline "TWO".

In other words, it doesn't matter whether Isreali F-35 stealth fighters are flying over Syria and Iraq to reach Iran. What matters is EA pilots only understand how fight using two ship conversion tactics and ET pilots understand how to fight using three ship compression tactics. 

So the headline is a dead give away for those in the know that Hetlau. What is more important, Hetlau, or EA fighting each other because they don't know Hetlau?

Hetlau is more important, in other words the only way to get the EA to stop fighting each other is to get them to wake up and realize the Hetlau are tricking them using EPMS. So the key is to pick up on what is really going on and be able to spend your time understanding these concepts to further elevate your awareness level.

Do you see how EA pilots are still using WWI terminology to identify their roles in the air as Leader and Wingman?


Do you understand how to begin to get your mind to comprehend ET fighter tactics terminology and concepts? Step one is to realize that EA pilots refer to themselves as a single when they are flying alone.


So the EA pilots are using the numerical quantity of the aircraft in the formation to describe it. If you study fighter combat you will learn that it is all about energy management. You need a higher energy state in order to defeat your opponent. So properly managing that energy state is the single most important consideration while flying a fighter.

ET pilots realize this so they refer to themselves as energy when flying alone not as single because it shows they have a higher level understanding of what is important. The Energy state is more important than the numerical count.


Two make a very simple example if you were a pilot in a single formation with a higher energy state for example 300 knots of airspeed and 1000 feet of altitude and you came upon a formation of two fighters taking off at 150 knots and 100 feet of altitude you would be at a superior advantage even though they were at a numerical advantage. So the key is to realize the energy state. The ET do and they define it by how they refer to themselves.

E vs L W.png

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