As Services Take Greater Role on F-35, Joint Program Office to Remain


An (article) was just published about the F-35. If you are paying any attention the first thing about the article that should catch your attention is the picture. You have a three-ship formation in right echelon. Why is this important? This is a gap in information dissemination where you can see what is going on. 

Throughout the history of air combat since WWI that formation would have been used to take off or land from a three-ship formation known as a Skein, Trio, Vee, Vic, or Wedge. Never as a Tactical Vee. If Hetlau are going to begin having EA pilots operate Tactical Vees on Earth prior to disclosure keeping an eye for three-ship formations and information around their flight briefings is one place you want to focus your attention.

For instance, why does the author of the article even put a picture of a three-ship formation in the header of it? Is it just a stock file photo and the author has no idea that the SOP for fighter aircrew is a two-ship leader wingman configuration? There obviously is nothing in the article about why they are in that formation but that is the most important part of the article and it is telling about the HET & ETS phenomenon.

EA who have no idea what is going on will look at it and see


HET and EA in the know will see


This seemingly minor difference between the Leader Wingman Wingman configuration and Intercept Energy Angles configuration is key to seeing ETI. Looking for this type of information in articles and being able to perceive the content from both EAI and ETI will allow you to elevate your mind to a higher level.

This will not only allow you to get actual disclosure earlier than others it will allow you to interpret what is true or false when disclosure happens which will be critical.

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