Watch 3 Air Force F-15 fighters literally 'chase the moon' during a solar eclipse

An (article) was just released showing three F-15s flying in the moons shadow during an eclipse.


To an unaware EA it seems really interesting. To someone who knows Hetlau there are some key statements made during the video that reveal hidden ETI .

First at about 0:45 seconds into the video they talk about how everything in the Galaxy is moving. The reason this is important is that it demonstrates how you can actually learn more about ET pilots by thinking conceptually in Naval Air Operations versus Air Force Operations. Taking off and landing on aircraft carriers would resemble interplanetary operations far more than static land-based operations like in the Air Force. Most EA never even give this a thought.

Second at 1:50 seconds they say if they could Intercept the moon's shadow at over 1000 mph they could intercept "anything". Obviously, that is not the case as they have never been able to intercept a UFO (ETSCTV & Volute) since Roswell which is why they won't even talk about them.

Third, maneuvering around in a three-ship formation saying you can intercept anything is inconsistent with the reality the EA military pilots don't like to fly in three-ship formations when they have to intercept enemy aircraft since they don't have a standard operating procedure and they are forced to shift into a two-ship and single configuration at the merge. This leaves the single without mutual support.

So you can see in the video how the three ship works fine as a transitional formation when you are going between points a and b and there are no hostile targets you have to deal with.

The key is are the pilots flying from an EA three-ship leader wingman wingman configuration or an ET three-ship Intercept Energy Angles configuration. The fact that the military won't discuss UFOs (ETS) or Tactical Vee's should have you wondering why or realizing why once you know whats going on.