Wright-Patterson Office is Working to Arm Fighter Jets with Lasers

A new (article) published recently describes how the military is trying to arm an F-15s with a laser.


You could spend your time reading the article thinking you're getting some cutting edge info though the same day this article came out another (article) was released saying they are planning on retiring the F-15.

Rather than spending time trying to figure out where they're going you can just look at the picture in the first article and see a gap in the information on Earth that allows you to see ETI.

Are the pilots in an EA three-ship leader wingman wingman right echelon formation or are they in an ET three-ship Intercept Energy Angles right echelon formation?



Learning to recognize that EA fighter pilots don't know how to fly in three-ship formations using ET tactics will provide you far more insight into what is going on on Earth than reading articles about developing technologies.

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