F-35s Are Now Practicing Their Dogfighting Skills Over Okinawa against F-15s


Stories about the new F-35 being involved in air combat is a great opportunity to see that EA pilots, aviation news, and enthusiasts are not aware of Tactical Vee's. In (articles) that review the engagements the main criteria that is repeatedly discussed is that the F-35 has an advantage pre-merge with its stealth capabilities. In other (articles) you see the same focus on it's stealth and then having trouble turning when in close visual fights.

Nothing is mentioned about pilots using new three ship formation tactics that are different from the two ship and four ship formations that are the formations the Navy and Air Force fight from.

When ever articles appear about fighter aircraft from any country it is a great chance to look for any suggestion they might be testing three ship formations. It also provides more examples for people who are not as aware the military pilots do not like to engage opponents in three ship formations since they do not know how to provide mutual support when engaged in that configureation.


The key is when you see a formation of three do you realize legacy EA pilots fight in a Leader Wingman Wingman formation. The inability to easily differentiate between the two wingmen makes it so they can not effectively provide mutual support for each other.

In addition, there is no way for them to logically differentiate the balanced three ship formation into right and left handed formations.


ET pilots can tell whether they are in a right or left handed Tactical Vee since they denote the wingmen differently.


Right Handed Tactical Vee


Left Handed Tactical Vee

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