China may be making its fighters more stealthy

An (article) was just released about China making their fighters more stealthy. If you have been paying any attention lately you will immediately look at the image of the J-10 fighter at the start of the article.


What you should immediately be saying to yourself is that is a two ship SOP using legacy Leader Wingman formation terminology. What you will notice is the vast majority of military fighter formations appear in this SOP formation. 


While the average person who is not paying attention to what is going on is worried about stealth technology you know that an EA fighter jet is not going to be able to remain stealth from an ETS, CTV or Volute. This should help you see wasting time paying attention to the misdirection is accomplishing nothing. The key is to know where things are headed and pay attention to that.


If EA military pilots were referring to themselves as Energy and Angles it would become impossible for them to keep it quiet for extended periods of time. In addition you would see them operating in three ship formations the majority of the time since calling yourselves Energy and Angles is basically pointless if you are not operating Tactical Vees.


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