US Air Force Thunderbirds pilot killed in crash

A F-16 Thunderbird pilot was killed in a crash near Nellis AFB where they are based out of. Obviously no one wants to see people dying but once you get over that it is time to look at the incident and see what information about Tactical Vees can be gleend from it.


The reason evaluating Military flight demonstration team formations is so important is it shows that Military pilots don't fly in Tactical Vee formations. Most people are familiar with the Thunderbirds and Blue Angels operating in a diamond formation with two opposing solos during the majority of their air shows.

Thunderbirds Diamond Formation-L.jpg


Once you learn what a Tactical Vee is and you realize how much more of a superior tactical fighting formation using three ship compression tactics it is than the SOP two ship conversion tactics EA pilots operate from you would realize something very important. This would immediately be present in flight demonstration routines. In fact the majority of the show would then shift to the aircrews flying around in three ship formations. Now think back and try to remember the last time you saw a Thunderbird or Blue Angel demonstration team flying around in a three ship formation?



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