US Air Force jets intercept 2 Russian bombers off Alaska coast


Two F-22 intercepted two Tupolev Tu-95 Russian "Bear" aircraft off the coast of Alaska (article).

The article just shows typical file footage of two F-22's in a two-ship right echelon formation. The key is that we are intercepting the Russan aircraft in a two-ship formation, not a three-ship and/or Tactical Vee.

Seeing this consistent precognition reveals that we fight in two-ship formations. It also reveals that were Hetlau pilots to allow U.S. military pilots to start operating Tactical Vee's operationally it would become apparent to Soviet pilots as well as knowledgeable civilian aviation individuals that something significant has changed.

This could essentially bring about premature disclosure and render the ETA ineffective, which is why they keep the pilots fighting in the standard two-ship formation.


Two-Ship Legacy Leader Wingman Standard Operating Procedure Formation.


Three-Ship Intercept Energy Angles Right Handed Tactical Vee Formation.


Three-Ship Intercept Energy Angles Left Handed Tactical Vee Formation.