Dr. Richard Haines (interview) is credited with coining the term UAP or Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon. The term UAP is a very complex one when you really become interested in Ufology and want to understand the origin and use of it. To summarize it here basically the goal of it was two fold.

First to create a term that had not been co-opted by the “UFO community” as a term for “alien space ships” in the way the term UFO has been.

Second it was a far more accurate term that fit profiles of things that were described as possibly balls of light, not just objects or vehicles, thus the phenomena term.

It was April 23, 2019 when Politico published an article regarding the Navy’s drafting new guidelines for reporting of UFOs. Within that article it was explained that the Military had opted to use the term UAP when speaking about unknown contacts in the air in order to avoid the stigma associated with UFO. The goal was that it was not automatically presumed they were investigating “alien space ships” and a more serious appearance could be given to the new reporting policy rather than the circus like atmosphere surrounding UFO reporting. Pilots basically refused to report UFOs because they new it would be laughed off and their career could be put in jeopardy for doing it.

2019 takes the UFO time line into a new milestone:


There is a clearly defined delineation in the history of trying to resolve the EUP (ET UFO Phenomenon) where people began to move off the term UFO in an attempt to resolve the EUP.
The problem still remains though that the terms UFO and UAP don’t allow for a discovery of what ETVs (ET Vehicle) are because:

1. UFO presumes the ETV are flying and they aren’t, they are vectating (vectored levitation).
2. UAP only describes a phenomena in the aerial realm or atmosphere.

ETV require terminology that can define them in the aerial realm but also they need to be defined in the astrial realm or outer space. Note: astrial is reserved to denote aviation related phenomena whereas astral is used to denote all other paranormal phenomena.

So the correct term of the acronym UAP should actually be:

UAeP - Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon
UAsP - Unidentified Astrial Phenomenon

The problem is there is no way we are going to resolve the EUP using terms that start our with U as in Unidentified. Next we need to start using terminology which actually explains what ETV are.