CTV or Celestial Tach One Vehicle is the TLA or Three Letter Acronym for the class of ETVs or ET Vehicles people are referring to when they say UFO or Unidentified Flying Object. The term UFO has become synonymous with an ETV to the point where after 7 decades in use Ufologists or those who study UFOs have not even realized that no one is trying to figure out what to call ETVs they have just assumed the name UFO right into the nomenclature or vernacular and for all intents and purpose UFO is ETV.

The problem is before we can get to CTV and understand its use in resolving the UFO Phenomenon and explaining what is going on in regards to CTVs vectating (vectored leviation) above us we need to go back to the the term UFO and understand how we got to this point in the phenomenon.

UFO is an acronym for Unidentified Flying Object. The term was inserted into society by the USAF (United States Air Force) through an Officer named Edward ruppelT.

The problem is really two fold.

First UEA (Uninformed EArthlings) lack a higher intellectual understanding of which vehicles are flying and which ones are not. Another way to translate that would be that UEA and more specifically Ufologists think everything in the sky is flying simply because it is in the sky.
On June 24, 1947 Kenneth Arnold had the first widely reported sighting of vehicles that he felt were operating like stones being skipped across a lake at speeds he estimated to be near 1200 mph.
Note: Chuck Yeager did not break the sound barrier or Mach One (roughly 600 mph) until October 14, 1947.
The problem arises from the fact at that time UEA simply did not have a high enough intellectual understanding of what flying is to critically assess were these vehicles flying or not. The first Jet planes were just being understood as Jet engines were a product of WW II. It is not surprising at that time to see a catch all or blanket term like flying become associated to everything in the air.

Second what no UEA has ever considered is that HET (Humanoid ET) Living Among Us or HETLAU would have created and had complete control of the the US Military. In essence the US Military is really a Hextary or HET controlled military. Operating from a plan designed before EArth existed called the ETA or ET Architecture the goal was to insert the term UFO into society early on in the phenomenon time line when no one would suspect it was being used for nefarious purposes.
Thinking the USAF had our best interests in mind society gladly picked up on the term UFO when Edward ruppelT, who was generally credited with coining the term, put it into play in the early 1950’s.
When you realize what is going on in present day society you can go back in history and see these two EvenTs are the main reason UEA can not resolve the EUP or ET UFO Phenomenon. Had UEA at the time known enough about flying or suspected the Air Force of subnation or subliminal dissemination of the public this whole EUP could have been resolved back then.
Unfortunately seven decades later we have a UEA community and more importantly a Ufology community unable to understand flying and air combat at a high enough level to realize ESH (ET/HET) have air superiority/supremacy over EA (EArthling) fighter jets and global air dominance over EArth. You have to realize the Ufology community is calling themselves a term that ETVs (ET Vehicle) don’t even employ, flying. We also have UEA and Ufology communities who knee jerk the term UFO at anything in the sky they don’t know what it is without giving any thought to whether the vehicle is actually flying or not flying.

Now, in present day, the term UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon) is beginning to take the forefront.