UFO chases passenger Jet

After watching the video it could just be another commercial airliner. Many times they will fly on parallel routes stacked close together at slightly different altitudes. The contrail behind a jet usually does not start to appear for some distance behind the plane. So when the object passes the commercial airliner it could just be another airliner overtaking it and the contrail is just not visible yet. Also, the way the light reflects off it makes it difficult to tell for sure the shape of it.

Either way even if it is an Extraterrestrial Spacecraft as many people are thinking when they hear the term UFO there are some basic problems with that assessment. First and foremost, Extra Terrestrial Spacecraft don't "Fly" they vectate (Vectored Levitation). So using the term UFO means it can't be an Extra Terrestrial Spacecraft. Essentially it has to be something that is designed on Earth and stays within Earths atmosphere if it is a UFO. 

Almost everyone who is involved with UFOs and UFO sightings in one way or another makes this mistake. The bigger problem is no one from the Government, Military, or Aviation related industries who has a high enough level understanding of what is going on seems willing to reveal this.

If Earthlings want to get to the bottom of the UFO phenomenon and see disclosure they need to start using the correct terminology. Extra Terrestrial Spacecraft are called CTVs or Celestial Tach One Vehicles. Calling them UFOs is just creating a bottleneck that is preventing society from getting disclosure. 

Also the term Volute applies to Extra Terrestrial Spacecraft as well. Especially the circular shaped ones. Until civilian Earthlings embrace the correct terminology and force disclosure nothing is going to change. The Government and Military will just continue to perform subliminal dissemination every day and most of the people won't know or care and the few that do can't do anything about it.