Venus shines brightly tonight, which is why it's No. 1 report of UFOs


With the appearance of Venus in the sky it is recorded as reason no. 1 for UFO reports (article). It is really unfortunate that society has such knee-jerk reaction to any unknown object in the sky is automatically a UFO. There is so little understanding given to the concept of Flying. 

Until society realizes Extra Terrestrial Spacecraft don't Fly that they vectate (vectored levitation) and people try to take more time analyzing the actions of what they are seeing in the sky little progress will be made.

Even more concerning is the lack of support from top aviation, aerospace, and astronautical voices in differentiating flight taking place within Earths atmosphere and vectoring taking place in outer space. For example the space shuttle is not flying in outerspace it is vectoring itself.

To most, it all seems as insignificant minutiae. Yet to understand Extra Terrestrial Spacecraft, namely CTVs and Volutes it is this attention to detail that separates an understanding of them from the circus-like atmosphere of society calling out everything in the sky as a UFO.