Australia’s Biggest UFO Mystery, 50 Years On


Sort of like Roswell in Austrialia. It seems every country has its own most significant UFO story to tell (article). They key is to not become fixated like all the other people involved in and reading about it. What you realize studying the people not the story or sighting is that they are essentially trapped in time in their inability to elevate their awareness level as to what is going on on Earth.

People in the US have hardly made any progress since Ken Arnold had the first major UFO sighting. In the US there has been almost no significant change. Recently highly trained military pilots videotaped a UFO and with their multi-million dollar training the best we got was "it looks like a tic tac". They weren't even able to ascertain that due to it not having wings it is not flying which is a telltale sign of it being a CTV or Volute vectating. Though they did ironically issue a warning claiming they felt ET may be hostile (article).

They key is to step back and look at where all this is going instead of stepping back and reminiscing about what happened. Where is all this going? It is leading to ET and UFO disclosure just like the website you are at is called The key is that ET and UFO disclosure is really going to come in the form of HET and CTV disclosure. The problem is that society refuses to elevate their awareness level as to what the new terminology is and the concepts that they mean going forward.

Instead, everyone who is not aware of what is going on continues to allow the terms ET and UFO to act like weight belts to a diver or ballast in a balloon. In order to elevate your mind, you can use the analogy of needing to go higher. Just like removing the weight belt and ballast will allow the diver and balloonist to go higher, releasing the terms ET and UFO will allow you to elevate your awareness level. This doesn't mean you will never use them again but you need to look at them as a step on a ladder and you need to climb up to the next step, HET and CTV.

You could think of it as disclosure is simply going to replace ET and UFO with HET and CTV. Obviously, disclosure will include more than that but if you are going to realize disclosure before it happens you have to embrace those terms now.

The other concept that is critical to understanding what is going on is looking for repeating patterns that provided the preponderance of evidence. You can see in this latest rehash of the Austrailian UFO sighting that the people follow the same process of just going back and reviewing it. That is the first clue or pattern that should alert you to not waste time on it. If they are reviewing you are talking about history and disclosure is going to involve the future.

Another pattern that you will occasionally see is they describe the UFOs as occurring in a group of 3. This is key because ET pilots operate using three ship compression tactics aka a Tactical Vee whereas EA pilots operate using two ship conversion tactics. Being aware of this helps to alert you to the increased probability that there were CTVs or Volutes present since they were described in a formation of three.

So if you are intent on understanding what is going on Earth and obtaining access to disclosure before it happens the path you need to follow is laid out for you. Reading these UFO stories and sightings need to be done in a context where you are analyzing the people talking and what they are talking about while not becoming drawn into the story itself. Try to notice how they are not really accomplishing anything and are rehashing legacy information.

Then keep an eye out for those repeating patterns that provide a preponderance of evidence. Also stay up to date on the terminology and concepts discussed here on Primarily knowing what HET, CTV, Volute and Tactical Vee are.

Also be proactive, make sure you have taken the time to sign the disclosure petition. Notice there are two URLs that lead to the same form. for people who are still in legacy mode and for people who are aware that Humanoid Extra Terrestrials Live Among Us (HETLAU). Once you have signed the petition make sure to ask others to sign it as well. If you want disclosure and aren't willing to ask for it it's going to be difficult to get it unless you just want to wait for the Government and Military to tell you on their timeframe and their agenda of how much information to release.