Strange Lights in the San Diego Sky

An (article) was just published documenting strange lights over the San Diego sky Thursday 04/12/1963 night. Some people even claimed to see similar lights Monday night as well.


Fox 5 news even reached out to the military but no one responded which isn't surprising. You can sit here and try to read the article and wonder whats going on but basically all this is is the same UFO protocol that has been going on since Roswell.

  1. See objects in the sky
  2. Call objects UFOs
  3. Ask military for help
  4. Get denied by military
  5. Wait for next sighting, then repeat steps 1 thru 4

So what is the civilian population doing wrong here?

What they are doing wrong is they are allowing the military aka hextary to control the narrative by not saying anything or denying knowledge of what is going on.

The civilians need to follow the Fox 5 protocol
(The term Fox 5 comes from the TV station name as well as the terms Fox 1, Fox 2, and Fox 3 which are the terms military fighter pilots use to designate their weapons systems. Since the civilians have no weapons except their EAI the term FOX 5 protocol is as close as they're going to get right now to having one.
Fox 4 is Fox Four or Fox UFOR which is an enagram for Four. It means UFO Recognition in that you have to use Fox Four to let whoever your speaking with know you understand ETS don't fly they vectate so the term UFO is inapplicable thus Fox 5 has actual teeth to it.)

  1. identify themselves as EA or HET
  2. question whether the objects are actually flying or not (ie vectating)
  3. ask the military spokespeople to identify themselves as EA or HET
  4. ask the military if they have air supremacy over san diego (ie Earth) from ETS
  5. ask the military if they know how to premerge ETS (CTVs & Volutes) with Tactical Vees

the reason why you have to do this is because the system is rigged against the civilians.
All the civilians need to do is take control of the narrative and demonstrate an understanding that:

  1. Humanoid Extra Terrestrials Live Among Us (Hetlau)
  2. HET are at war with us EPMS
  3. HET are enslaving us EMSR
  4. ETS don't fly they vectate so UFO is inapplicable
  5. It is the military's responsibility to maintain air supremacy and confirm it with actions

Unfortunately, the civilian population does not understand this. They just want to follow the UFO protocol in place since Roswell which leads to accomplishing absolutely nothing except filling social media posts with more nonsense.

If an actual individual at the news station tried to follow the correct FOX 5 protocol of interrogating the military from the viewpoint they are operating as a Hextary the individual would get fired, or possibly even worse. The may even be forced to seek psychiatric treatment for appearing to suffer from a delusional disorder and or schizophrenic break from reality.

Who knows the military may even investigate them for violating some little known or even less understood law such as the patriot act but that is probably unlikely simply because the military wouldn't want to draw more attention to themselves, you never know though.

If an outside individual contacted Fox 5 news and asked them why they are not following the Fox 5 protocol, the station would simply ignore the request for the reason that the individual appears to suffer from a delusional disorder and or schizophrenic break from reality.

So you can read the article but nothing will come of it. When you read this article at least you will understand why. You can also count on this same repeating pattern occurring until one of two things happen

The Xbeings finish the ETA and initiate disclosure
Enough EA sign the Extraterrestrial Disclosure Petition and force disclosure
Other than that it will be one continuous UFO sighting followed by UFO protocol after another.

Look on the bright side though, at least you found a site that can actually explain to you what is going on and why.

Make sure to take the time to sign the Extraterrestrial Disclosure Petition

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Make sure to take the time to sign it before you move on and start reading articles. Signing the petition is the only way to force the disclosure of ET & UFO information. The civilian population of EA (Earthlings) need to show the Governments and Militaries of the world they know what is going on and this petition is the only one the correctly implies that is happening.

Also, let others know about it and ask them to sign it as well. Word of mouth is the best method to motivate others to sign it.

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