UFO sighting near ISS 04/14/2018

A recent (article) and video were released about a UFO sighting near the ISS.

The video shows what appear to be blinking lights of some sort of spacecraft from around 1:12 to 1:25 in the video. It is difficult to say for sure what it is though.

What is key right away to notice is that it is not possible to fly in outer space.
Flying as defined by etufodisclosure.com is the repetitive process of maintaining forward levitation using energy by accelerating a winged planform through an atmospheric medium in compliance with Bernoulli's principle which generates lift allowing for levitation.

The whole Ufology movement suffers from a lack of understanding of what flying is. If you cannot fly in outer space since there is no atmospheric medium from which to generate lift so the term UFO is inapplicable.

The second problem is that even if civilians start using the correct terminology such as ETS they run into the problem the spacecraft may have been built on Earth and are EES or Earth Evolved Spacecraft. It is possible that Hetlau have shown us how to build the craft ourselves so you may not really be able to tell if it is from another planet or Earth.

The key is the government, military, and NASA aren't going to help the civilians so until civilians stop using the terms ET & UFO and start using HET & ETS we will never accomplish anything. Civilians need to switch from the Fox Four aka Roswell UFO Protocol to the new Fox Five aka Miramar CTV Protocol.

By communicating with higher level terminology and concepts the Hextocracy, Hextary, and Hexnasa will look uninformed (similar to how they have made the civilians appear uninformed currently) when they continue to use the terms ET & UFO. This will force them to start using the correct terminology and concepts and bring about disclosure sooner.

Make sure to take the time to sign the Extraterrestrial Disclosure Petition

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Make sure to take the time to sign it before you move on and start reading articles. Signing the petition is the only way to force the disclosure of ET & UFO information. The civilian population of EA (Earthlings) need to show the Governments and Militaries of the world they know what is going on and this petition is the only one the correctly implies that is happening.

Also, let others know about it and ask them to sign it as well. Word of mouth is the best method to motivate others to sign it.

The link is easy to remember ->   dislcoseETUFO.com

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