UFO Sighting near Rosarito, Mexico 04/14/2018

Video of a recent UFO sighting near Rosarito, Mexico, 04/14/2018. This is almost identical to the sighing over Carlsbad, CA on 04/12/2018.

They do not appear to be UFOs from the viewpoint they do not seem to be flying. Appears to be ETS for those reasons.

Viewers need to disclose themselves as EA and question whether the objects are flying or not in order to resolve the ETS phenomenon.

The two main reasons UFO sightings are not resolved is:

HET live among us and the EA are not aware and do not identify themselves as EA when the sightings occur and are being filmed.

ETS vectate they do not fly so the term UFO is inapplicable.

It is interesting how multiple sightings occur on nights within days of each other along the southern California and Baja Mexico coastline where there are numerous military installations and the military says nothing about it.

This is easily explainable. The military is really a Hextary and knows exactly what is going on. If there was something in the atmosphere and/or outer space and they didn't know what it was and it was a threat and they needed tax dollars to develop a solution you can be sure you'd be hearing about it immediately. 

The reason they don't like to get involved in this stuff is why should they waste their time and money trying to solve things that aren't the vehicles they are transiting back and forth to other planets with that will ultimately accomplish nothing by trying to figure out what they are. In addition, it will just open the door up to get the civilians to keep asking them to investigate more and more sightings.

Once you know what is going on you can just see by there silence they are complicit. Notice how much you have to listen to them whine and cry about every country and terrorist threat on the planet so they can get money to fix those problems. 

The really sad part is when the EA wake up and realize they are having so many EA get killed and injured so they can facilitate their ET war on Earth.

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