What are your chances of seeing a UFO today?

An (article) was just published showing what your chances are of seeing UFO today.


This article is obviously going to be a complete waste of time, why? Because even though it may have some interesting statistics on what you're actual chances of seeing a UFO are, the problem is the term UFO. The article is just subliminal dissemination and you can tell that as soon as you hear the term UFO.

Remember most people automatically subconsciously think ETS when they hear the term UFO but society has made the term UFO synonymous with ETS without realizing what that means and the effect it has on society. So when someone says what are the chances of seeing a UFO what everyone is thinking is what are the chances of seeing a ETS.

Once you realize ETS don't fly they vectate so the term UFO is inapplicable. Then combine that with the realization UFOs are actually called CTVs & Volutes and you can see the article can't go anywhere as long as it is using the term UFO.

That is the key to raising your awareness level from EAI to ETI so you can just glance at a headline and view it from both EA and ET perspectives. This way you will stay ahead of the disclosure curve and be able to focus on the key items that are actually going to inform you instead of just being trampled by the masses shouting UFO UFO UFO

Make sure to take the time to sign the Extraterrestrial Disclosure Petition

Make sure to take the time to sign it before you move on and start reading articles. Signing the petition is the only way to force the disclosure of ET & UFO information. The civilian population of EA (Earthlings) need to show the Governments and Militaries of the world they know what is going on and this petition is the only one that correctly implies that this is happening.

Also, let others know about it and ask them to sign it as well. Word of mouth is the best method to motivate others to sign it.

The link is easy to remember ->   dislcoseETUFO.com

or the more appropriate one ->   discloseHETLAU.com

or the actual name -> ExtraterrestrialDisclosurePetition.com

(they all go to the same petition)

Make sure to become a voice for change and get the word out.

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