It’s time to stop laughing at UFO research


A new (article) just came out Titled "It’s time to stop laughing at UFO research".

You can read the article but clearly the most important thing the author says in it is a question she raises: 

Where are the forward-thinkers, the people who can imagine the unthinkable?

As usual, the answer is right here at As the only site on the Internet who is documenting Hetlau, their war against the EA, and their enslavement of them this is by far the most forward thinking / imagine the unthinkable or imagine the unimaginable site out there. In fact, what usually happens is it is so forward thinking it is simply too much for most individuals.

When you're ready to take you mind past the cutting edge and learn exactly what is going on in the ET UFO DISCLOSURE realm there is only one place you need to visit.

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