Did Buzz Aldrin Really See UFO in Space, Pass Lie Detector Test?

A new (article) is making the rounds asking if Buzz Aldrin really saw a UFO in space, and passed a lie detector.

You can watch the video if you want but this one is easy to solve and can be done in a few seconds. What the EA refuse to deal with is that Extra Terrestrial Spacecraft (ETS) don't fly. Also since there is no atmospheric medium in space it is not possible to fly in outer space.

Unfortunately, this seemingly minor oversight is not important to the EA and Ufology community. If the object is in the sky then it's a UFO. Who cares whether it is actually flying or not. Everyone thinks it is flying and everyone thinks you can fly in outer space so why be such a buzz kill and get technical about it. Hell, even Buzz Aldrin says UFOs are in outer space and he took a lie detector to prove it.

The problem is because no one will investigate whether Hetlau they don't ask Buzz if he is a HET. Since they don't understand what flying is technically they don't think to inform him ETS are not UFOs and you can't fly in outer space. So he gets to just sit there and perform classic misdirection and subliminal dissemination and no one is the wiser.

Then when you read his name using wormation:

ALDRIN = ALIDNS (enagram)
Then convert D = E and R = S using proximity.
You then get ALIENS

U = 21 (alphanumeric)
Z = 2 (alphanumeric)
Z = 2 (alphanumeric)
21 + 2 + 2 = 25
25 = Y (alphanumeric)


Because this story is definitely Alien BS but the public simply do not want to understand Flying so they succumb to the Alien nonsense every day.

Proximity is a wormation process where change a letter to another letter that is in close proximity to it.  For example, if you take the word ANGELS and change the letter G to the letter I which is 2 characters in proximity from it (G H I) and then respell the word as an enagram you get ALIENS.

It is these little tricks that violate the laws of English that allow them to place their hidden messages on the planet and the EA won't pay attention to it because they want the answer to appear in plain in English. No one is thinking ET may not speak English and you may have to translate.

Then if all that isn't enough, take the time to see if he is making the hand gesture:


In summary, a lack of understanding of what flying is combined with a completely incorrect technical use of the terminology UFO. Then add to that no one pays any attention to Hetlau, they can't read the names of the people involved, and they won't look for the hand gesture. 

This is key to seeing what is going on and is another example of the repeating patterns that reveal a preponderance of evidence in the absence of corroboration.

To most people, these repeating patterns don't seem like much, especially not enough to claim disclosure of ET and UFOs. Once you keep watching it occurring every day for years and develop an eye for it you will know it's going on even though others who won't spend the time trying to understand it can't see it.

If you pay attention to the mainstream Buzz saw a UFO and passed a lie detector and another day has passed some more misdirection and subliminal dissemination occurred and other than that absolutely no progress has been made by the civilian public to get disclosure.

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