Author, scientist highlights reported UFO sightings in Montana


An (article) was just published about UFO sightings in Montana.

At least that is what you think you are going to get when you read the headline. Reading the article is just wasting more of your time unless you want to hear the same nonsense every day. 

They key which no one seems to be realizing is that people are naturally drawn to the term UFO and Extraterrestrial which allows other people to market information on that subject matter. Marketing info on UFOs and Extraterrestrials certainly isn't a bad thing but it also isn't going to solve anything.

Ms. Bird is seen as credible because she is a scientist. The problem is that no one that uses the terms UFOs and Extraterrestrials can be seen as credible because they obviously have no idea what is going on or they are a HET performing misdirection and/or subliminal dissemination.

It's just another day of precognition. Once you know Hetlau you know that ETS don't fly, they vectate . The term UFO is not applicable. ETS are called Celestial Tach One Vehicles (CTVs) & Volutes.

Hetlau requires the use of the term HET so the term Extra Terrestrial is required and the term Extraterrestrial is not applicable.

If you just understand that much you are way ahead of the game. Then you can look at the article like the one above and see why no one can figure out what is going on. That is a lot better than reading it and hearing the same general theme everyone has been listening to for the last 75 years since Roswell.

What you have to realize is why would anyone who can earn money saying UFOs and Extraterrestrials or Extraterrestrials and UFOs change the terminology? The answer is they wouldn't. There is no money in saying HET and CTV or CTV and HET not to mention all the abuse you take each day by all the people who don't understand what is going on with UFOs and Extraterrestrials and keep saying you're wrong without actually spending the time researching what HET and CTV are. 

Then add to that trying to get them to sign a Extraterrestrial Disclosure Petition disclosing Hetlau and you can see why people just want to read the same old nonsense about UFOs and Extraterrestrials or Extraterrestrials and UFOs.

People think they want the truth. What you realize happens though, is that when the truth requires change and that change requires effort combined with leaving the comfort of the social group, people really just want the same thing every day.