Politicians Support Congressional Hearing on UFOs


A new (article) was just published providing sources of U.S. Congressional representatives who support Congressional hearings on UFOs.

You couldn't find a better example of subliminal dissemination. While you can read the article and hope this leads to the discovery of what is going on you can also fast forward with etufodisclosure.com and simply realize what is actually going on. Then you can apply that understanding to go back and look at how these discussions are subliminal dissemination.

The most difficult part to overcome is you will not get corroboration. Realizing that lack of corroboration is further evidence of Hetlau directing the day to day actions of the Hextocracy is the only way to interpret what is really going on short of ETA disclosure.

The key is ETS (CTV & Volutes) don't fly they vectate so the term UFO is inapplicable. The Hextocracy knows this and they continue to use the term UFO so you can't figure out what is going on. Simultaneously it gets you to wunder and think about the possibility that UFO are really ETS (CTV & Volutes).

This is going to make ETA disclosure easier. That is why this is classic subliminal dissemination. It is that easy to understand and realize what is going on.