Supersonic flight in America is getting closer to becoming a reality


An (article) was just published discussing how supersonic flight is becoming a reality.

EA that are unaware of Hetlau just start reading the article hoping someday they will be traveling around the world on commercial airliners at supersonic speeds. ET & UFO enthusiasts just keep looking at poor quality videos of what they are terming UFO sightings trying to figure out what is going on.

EA that are aware of Hetlau see articles like this and see it as misdirection and/or subliminal dissemination regardless of whether they redevelop supersonic flight or not. 

The key is the EA that are aware of Hetlau know ETS are transitting through the Earths airspace on a daily basis. These vehicles can travel in excess of Tach One so supersonic flight is trivial compared to that.

More importantly is that ETS don't fly and it is more important to understand flying versus vectating than it is to waste time reading articles about supersonic flight.