Vectate is a porpheme for Vectored Levitation. When an ETS lifts itself off the ground it is doing so by manipulating gravity. Levitation is understood as the action of rising or causing something to rise and hover in the air.

Where the confusion for EA arises is that when a plane levitates due to the lift generated by the wing the vehicle is maintaining a forward velocity vector, inertia. If the plane does not maintain enough inertia it will stall, the lift will fail, and levitation will stop. These are all physics terms and reveal why it is difficult to understand ETS because you basically need a higher level understanding of physics than EA have available to themselves on Earth. For example explaining how the vehicles can travel in excess of Tach One when currently it is understood to not be possible via EA physics.

When a ETS levitates yet remains in place it is maintaining a vertical velocity vector. This becomes even more confusing because that is presuming it is manipulating the nearest celestial bodies gravitational field. It is possible when the vehicle appears to be levitating over Earth it is actually levitating over the Sun, manipulating the Suns gravitational field, and maintaining a vector away from the sun. This would be equivalent to the vehicle placing its circular planform perpendicular to the Earth or standing on what might be termed its nose. This also presumes it is not using one of the other 360 degrees of possible orientation as the basis of its levitation. What ever the orientation of the levitation you will have a vector 180 degrees from it.

As the spacecraft moves in a direction it still maintains the levitation but now it initiates a new vector in the intended direction of travel. It is essentially maintaining two vectors. One for the levitation and another for the direction of travel. A plane on Earth maintains its levitation via one system lift (flying) and gets its vector via another system thrust (flying). Two systems that are encapsulated in one term, this is where Forward Levitation using energY comes from.

ETS have two vectors and get both those vectors via the same system, manipulation of gravitational fields (vectating). This is where the concept of vectored levitation, vectation, and or vectating originates from. It is paramount to understanding ETS and why ETS disclosure is so difficult to achieve. Going around saying ETS are UFOs and inferring they are flying could be likened to traveling to another county and speaking the wrong language. You will be incapable of accomplishing anything. Your only hope is that someone like arrives and points out to you how to speak the native language of ETS so you can get actual disclosure. Otherwise your only other option is to wait for the Government to provide translation and thus disclosure.

What no one has floated is the concept that disclosure is not going to come in the form of native EA languages like English. What they don't realize is disclosure is being prestaged in everyones minds conceptually via sublimminal dissemition thus making ET translation easier at disclosure.