Wormation is porpheme for Extra Terrestrial word formation. All the languages on Earth were designed before Earth existed. They have been placed down here on Earth in order to facilitate the implementation of the ETA. As such all the words on Earth have been placed here.

Knowing that you can analyze word constructs similar to the way linguists study word formation in the English language. You can derive the hidden Extra Terrestrial meaning of words already present on Earth as well as see the future Extra Terrestrial derivations that will evolve.

This has been going on, is going on, and will continue to go on. It is one of the easiest ways to see the repeating patterns that reveal a preponderance of evidence since corroboration will not happen until disclosure. If you want disclosure now you simply have to go get it yourself rather than wait for the Hetlau to tell you. Studying wormation is one of those ways to get it now.


GOVERN = To Control
GOVERNMENT = Mind Control

An (article) explaining this very involved concept in greater detail. It is extremely difficult to realize you are under mind control when you don't believe you are and you don't understand the difference between active and passive mind control.

It is key to understanding what is going on and elevating your EA awareness level to that of ETI. It is a major stumbling block for most people they simply can not even imagine something like this is even possible. So thinking beyond a concept you cannot even comprehend is not possible you have to understand one before you can understand the other.