Xbeings = eXtra terrestrial beings


Aside from easily picking out the X in Xbeings representing eXtra terrestrial, there is a deeper meaning in the name that is key to understanding what is going on. Most people will just automatically assume that Xbeings is just another name or synonym for ET but nothing could be further from the truth.

EA have been confounded by ET the whole time mankind has bee on Earth. The reason why is they fail to understand the ET can polymorph themselves into Hetlau. In order to make sure EA are not further tricked by the ET the term Xbeing uses a graduation of concepts that are built into the term Xbeing.

The first term ET is widely recognized by everyone. The problem is it is incorrectly assigned the value of extraterrestrial instead of the term extra terrestrial.
The second term HET is hardly recognized by anyone and is key to the secret of the ET.
The third term ESH is not known at all and requires the use of communication using ET language. In other words, you are actually communicating in Alien with the term ESH. The reason why is EA do not translate the slash symbol "/" into the letter "S" with any of their languages on the planet.
It is through the concept of symbolism which is a tool of wormation that provides the translation of the slash symbol "/" into the letter "S".
The term Xbeing then encapsulates an understanding of the three previous graduations and actual ET language communication rather than just become a synonym for ET. This then provides for a communication term that is disclosing what is going on without needing to wait for the Government and Military to provide disclsoure.

Extra Terrestrial Grammar Tools


These are ET grammar tools that currently have articles written about how to use them to aid in translating words into English.

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