Proximity = measure of equality relative to position


Proximity is a tool used in wormation to translate Extra Terrestrial words into English as well as to convert English words into Extra Terrestrial.

The key to understanding proximity is recognizing when a letter is in close proximity relative to its alphabetic positioning to another letter it can be thought of as being equal. For example you could say A is equal to Z because they are next to each other in the alphabet. 

Notice how most EA think linearly and would not recognize this. Notice how Extra Terrestrials can think circularly natively. This is an example of EAI vs ETI.

The best example of how proximity works is translating the word Angel using wormation:

ANGEL = ALGEN (enagram)
G = I (proximity)

The key is that the proximity between G and I is two positions in the alphabet. Proximity works best when you only have to shift one position. The further you move from the original position the more you have to look at the context of the word that is being formed to assess whether the author would have intended to use that large of a proximity shift to arrive at the new word.

When Hetlau were using biblical terminology on Earth they needed a word to describe beings from other planetary systems to insert them into our consciousness. They couldn't walk around saying the word Alien though because it would give away what is going on. They needed a word that could easily be seen later in time as being translated using wormation into Alien which the word Angel describes perfectly. 

In this case, you can see how a proximity shift of two positions works. Most often though you will only see a proximity shift of one position. Notice also how the words Alien and Angel each have only 5 letters allowing for a precise enagram. The more wormation tools required to translate or convert a word the lower the probability that it is correct. This is where you need to apply the context in conjunction with the probability.