Laurel or Yanny?

Do you wunder why the EA cannot figure out what is going on on Earth with the Extraterrestrialand UFO phenomenon taking place each day? Aside from the fact that EA cannot figure out the correct term for Extraterrestrial is Extra Terrestrial. Then combine that with the fact Extraterrestrial Spacecraft (ETS) don't fly they vectate, so the term UFO is inapplicable to ETS. You certainly would not think EA could be under Extraterrestrial rule without even knowing it or would you?

If all that seems too confusing to you, do ever stop to wunder, how we are ever going to figure out what is going on when our main priority every day is focusing on such important topics as:


Laurel or Yanny (article).

You don't have to wunder why this has a higher priority than the ET & UFO phenomenon.